Saturday, December 13, 2008

bird and feather handmade goods

It's official bird and feather is an actual place with an actual address.
Two days ago, Lori and I rented 119 Reeders Alley in Helena, MT for a studio/shop space. My half will be the physical bird and feather studio where I can work and maybe even sell bags, art, wood projects or whatever I am doing at the time. The same items will be available online through etsy so check it out, I created my store yesterday and I will be adding items today.

Here is the studio, we are on the street level.

I spent all of yesterday working on a few cowboy bags. The space is very small and has this fantastic stone wall for displaying items.

I owed my grandmother a new bag so hers was the first project in the new studio. She wanted a closure on top and I decided on a slightly different design which makes it more of a cowboy purse.

Here is a detail of the zipper. It turned out nicely.

One of the nicest things about the studio is it's location. It is right in the downtown and such a historic piece of Helena. Here is a brief history of the street:

Begun in the early 1860's, Reeder's Alley was carefully constructed of native materials and brick, brought to the new mining camp from Fort Benton. The need for lodging in the new camp called "Last Chance" prompted Lewis Reeder to begin a series of small buildings at the extreme west end of what was known as 'Bridge Street.' As demand for lodging increased so did the size of the Alley. For nearly twenty years, Reeder continued to expand his hostelry. A series of devastating fires brought the demise of 'Bridge Street,' but the Alley was spared each time. Today, Reeder's Alley is a restored miner's village with offices, a barbershop, a few restaurants, and small shop spaces.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pie Party

We woke up Saturday giddy just thinking about all the pie that would be in our tummies as we went to bed that night. Yes, it was the day for our 2nd Annual Pie Party.

Sara rolled out the dough for her mini pies and I helped make one.

Here they all are lined out ready to be made. Mine is the closest to the camera with the hole, it was an Obama pie though hard to tell.

We readied our ballot box for the evening and sealed it like a piggy bank.

My sister Lindsey and her boyfriend Brad were here so we took a hike in the South Hills in the beautiful afternoon.

Sara, Kota, Lindsey and Brad on the mountain.

Liv, Mike, Sweet Rita, and Baby June enjoying their pie.

It also happened to be Ben's birthday as well as pie day so Becca (his girlfriend) decided to pie him in the face. Just after we all toasted him for being a jolly good fellow.

and here he is.

The party was a house full of great people and a good chance to hang out with people that we don't always have over. JP and Karen's "Family Style Chicken Pot Pie" won the contest and they took home an Emily Free Wilson Pie Pot as the prize. Thanks everybody for coming and can't wait to do it next year!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Red Things in the Snow

We got a lovely snow a few days ago and I took a few pictures on my way to work.
Here are some things that need to be said:

Grattis pŒ fšdelsedagen Anders! = Happy Birthday Anders!

Lindsey (my sister) and Brad (her boyfriend) are coming over from Missoula tonight. We are all going to hang out for the weekend.

Tomorrow night is our 2nd Annual Pie Party and should be a blast.

Anna and Corey are back from China and I am really excited to see them.

Lori had her last day work today and I am going to miss her.

There should be plenty to post about and everyone (except Anders sadly) should be at the Pie Party sporting a pie, an interpretation of a pie, or an invention that simply is called "pie" because as an inventor, heck you can do whatever you feel like.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

608 Knight St.

I sketched out an idea for adding a small front porch to our rental house. I am meeting with a friend tomorrow about doing it. I mostly just liked the line drawing of the house. I did it while sitting at work and it is pretty close to the actual house.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Beautiful Thanksgiving Morning

it was magical this morning
as the frost was everywhere
it stood up on the ground
and hung on in the air

the light was strong this morning
the sun was sitting low
it casts its shadows long
full of colors pale and dull

but then the sun would catch
at an angle, just so
and at once the world would burst
into yellow, orange and gold

happy thanksgiving

click on the pictures to view them large

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Happy Late Birthday Jackson!
he is three years old
acts like he is three days old
and man is he cute.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is what I want to do.

These images are from John Pawson Architecture and he does what I want to do. He makes all sorts of beautiful things. First off he designs buildings inside and out which is sort of an architect but more like an architect, interior designer, and artistic director all rolled into one. His website is amazing so please check it out.

Then he designs things like concrete benches, salad servers, wooden beds, candle holders, and probably whatever item he feels could just use some good design.

Oh and also does some installation type architecture. It is definitely inspiring and I'm hanging on to this example so I can say, "oh sure, it can still be done."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Annah's Cowboy Bag

For a while now, I have been promising our friend Annah that I will send her a new bag. A few years ago I made her one of my first ever Cowboy Bags. She completely wore it out and so the new one was going to be a present; first a Christmas present, then a birthday present, then a happy summer present but it never quite happened. I really have no idea how long it has truly been but today was the day.

the original cowboy shirt

the inside fabric

Annah's Cowboy Bag complete with fold-over pearl snap closure (a new feature) and a sweet pattern if I do say so myself.

It has been a while since I have made a bag and it was great fun. My friend Lori and I are talking about doing a joint art show and I think I will make a few for the exhibition.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall Art Walk

Tonight from 6-10 at ExplorationWorks: stop by if you can.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bikers Beware

We were walking around NW Portland last night and saw this fantastic road sign. I also saw three yes, three custom bike shops in the area. I was like a kid in the candy store window dreaming up my own shop with colorful parts hanging from the ceiling, small bits in glass jars on homemade shelves, and a few beautiful frames just waiting to be taken home.

We are touring Lewis and Clark College this morning and then heading up to Seattle directly in hopes of seeing one of the Seattle schools too. We'll stay the night with Sara's aunt and uncle then get up and drive home tomorrow. Hope everyone is well.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

780 Miles

Helena, Montana to Springfield, Oregon: 780 Miles

a truck carrying a bunch of tubes

a bridge on the columbia river and a fog-strung mountain


Daniel, Lindsay, and Sara at the newly purchased house of
Danny and Lindsay Ramirez in Springfield, Oregon

Quintus the cat with his toy mouse

My alarm rang at 4:53 am. It was the beginning of a road trip, a visit to old friends and a new step into premature adulthood: our first college tour trip as chaperones. Alyx R, one of our good friends, is a senior in high school and looking at college options for next year. As I drove and Sara slept, Alyx read. The fog drew in close to the road as we climbed passes and crossed state lines and Alyx slept while Sara read. We listened to music and radio shows all day long pulling in to Springfield about 5:30 to stay the night with Danny and Lindsay. The Ramirez' recently bought a beautiful house in Oregon and I was very excited to meet Quintus their cat who I like very much (that is saying alot because I am definitely not a cat person). While attending school in Oregon at Willamette University I met at both Danny and Lindsay. We will stay with them today and tommorrow while touring both the University of Oregon in Eugene and Willamette University in Salem.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can

A great day! I talked to Anders in Uppsala and he stayed up most of the night watching the election results. He said something like 90% of the Swedes were pro-Obama and so it was pretty nice celebration there too.
Everybody I talked to (including myself) seems relieved, excited and as Phil said (in an Australian accent which only makes it better), "a little pumpkin-headed".