Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Obama (and me)

As I am sure you all know, yesterday was the birthday of hope. We had a party. Barrack Obama and I share a birthday along with Louis Armstrong, Billy Bob Thornton, Roger Clemens and many other names I don't recognize. Everybody went all out: Sara sent out invitations and made shirts with Mckenzie. Kev made a sweet "the new hope" poster featuring me.

Mike dressed like "Chris twenty years from now" and it was frighteningly accurate and really really funny. Check out that soul patch.

In addition to the party, Sara took me on a great three day Southwestern Montana trip.

Right before leaving, I went to give the Chickens water and decided to check for an egg. There it was, a sweet little egg about half the size of a normal chicken egg.

the first egg

Sara sizing it up.

We left the first one for Kev and Mckenzie since they were working and we figured it would be a nice welcome to the weekend present.

Friday, we went to Norris Hot Springs and camped nearby in the middle of some incredible large rocks. It's a normal sized tent there in the picture, I promise.

Sara choosing a spot with June.

Nice red Montana flora

The Rock we woke up to with the sun shining on it.

Saturday we went to Pony Days in Pony,Montana and on our drive we saw this old stone building, maybe an old house.

A big crack but a beautiful structure.

Next we hit up Virginia city to go the Follies show Saturday night. Keving met us there and we all road the steam train which runs between Virginia City and Nevada City on the weekends.

Inside an old school house in Nevada City.

the end of the trip.

We camped Saturday night outside of Virginia City and went to the Patagonia Outlet in Dillon on Sunday. Pretty nice birthday all around.