Sunday, January 4, 2009


I had this idea that I wanted to build Sara a bed for Christmas. Unlike most of my ideas, I started with ample time to actually do it. I met with my friend Anna who is a great woodworker to talk about my design and to get advice on wood stuff. And so I designed it and got the steel, cut it, and took it to a few welders, one of which said, "sure, that'll be simple enough." So I was off. By this point, it was the beginning of November and I was waiting on the frame, trying to figure out how to pay for expensive stuff like the wood without Sara noticing the bank account and going to the pub quite frequently. One day I went into the basement of a building Mike owns and was just taking the tour of the work they were planning. In the next week, they were going to take down the walls of the basement, huge fir boards, and replace them with steel supports. The building was built in 1892 so that makes the wood pretty dang old and pretty much the kind of wood we will never see again as those forests are gone. So I asked if I could have some and Mike told me it was mine if I hauled it out. So I did and used a bit of it to make our new bed.
I left raw edges so you can still see where it was nailed into and they headboard is an amazingly thick heavy piece filled with colors and sap. I surprised Sara the day before we left for Colorado for the holidays by presenting all the pieces to her and finally finishd painting the base, oiling the wood, and assembling it yesterday. The most difficult thing about actually being prepared was the inability to post about or talk about the bed with Sara for a long long time. Here it is.

cut steel on the way to the welders

the headboard in the shop

the basic frame laid out in shop

a view of the slats with marks of the old wall strips

the bed in its final position in our house

The bed project is done and I am excited to get working on a few projects in the bird and feather studio. I hope everyone is well, Happy New Year.